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HELIOS LED processing platform

HELIOS LED processing platform

Future-ready LED Processing

The HELIOS LED processing platform is the result of close cooperation between ROE Visual and Megapixel VR. Combining their forces and in-depth knowledge of LED- and processing technology the result is a future-ready processing platform that reimagines processing from the ground up to support large-format LED displays for use in demanding pro AV, broadcast and installation applications. The HELIOS processor will be exclusively available for ROE Visual LED screens.

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Superior Color Performance for Helios LED processing platform

Superior Color Performance

A significant advantage for Helios, is the dynamic color gamut re-targeting capabilities, which do not require tiles to be recalibrated. Besides that, the processing platform has extremely accurate color representation throughout the entire gamut and brightness range and has accurate end to end color management. Panels can also be run at 10-bit grayscale for projects requiring less distribution infrastructure or at 12-bit for the best image quality.

Hyper Speed Seam Correction

HELIOS supports standard game controllers to quickly identify and adjust module-to-module seam correction (sometimes referred to as edge adjustment). Game controllers can be connected via USB or wireless Bluetooth.

Due to the multi-user backend, multiple technicians can connect and adjust seams simultaneously on a large screen.

  • Full 8K video pipeline Full 8K video pipeline
  • DP / HDMI / SDI inputs DP / HDMI / SDI inputs
  • Reduntant Power Reduntant Power
  • Superior Color Superior Color
  • No Software Installation Required No Software Installation Required
  • Monitoring & Diagnostics Monitoring & Diagnostics

HELIOS modularity

HELIOS modularity allows the system to grow with your processing needs. The HELIOS system is designed and build as a true growth system. No additional hardware is needed to scale up in resolution, the HELIOS footprint remains the same for HD, 4K, 5K or 8K applications.
The HELIOS LED processing system is available in 3 packages: HELIOS Jr., HELIOS 4K and HELIOS 8K. Starting with a Junior package, you can easily grow towards a full 8K system.

Modular. Customize your input and output configuration to meet your specific needs Expandable. Easily adapt your processing capabilities as your resolution requirements increase.


  • Processors
  • Inputs
  • Input/loop width
  • Support input resolution 8 bit
  • 10 bit
  • Output ports
  • Fiber
  • Max output per port
  • Control ports
  • Loading capacity
  • Max width/height
  • Splice function
  • Zoom function
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Chromaticity adjustment
  • Color gamut transformation
  • Gray scale at low brightness
  • Pip function support
  • 3D display
  • Compatible with
  • GEN lock
  • GEN lock loop
  • Power in
  • Add display function keys
  • Weight
  • Power consumption
  • Height
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